Sam has received rave reviews from
hundreds of organizations including:
AT&T • Mellon Bank • Rockwell International
Johnson & Johnson • US Department of Treasury
Black and Decker • Anderson Consulting
Corning • Canadian Television
...and many, many more!


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"I wasn't planning to note this, but I have never witnessed a more poised, involved, seamless communicator in my life. You held my attention from start to finish. You are my new standard for comparison." - Jeff Leonelli, Marketing Manager

"On a scale of 1 to 10, I'd rate you a 15. Sam, I came here hoping I could get through the day, but left wishing that your seminar had gone on for much longer. You're great!" - Michele Graida, Target

"Exceptional one day seminar! I got more out of this workshop than I get taking courses lasting several days and even two weeks." - Mike Wascak, CIA

"Sam, you are a powerful communicator. You used specific examples to demonstrate how these techniques can and will work. Excellent job! Best seminar I have ever been to!" - Mishelle Hugues, Lock,heed - Martin

"Your enthusiasm was refreshing. Thank you for restoring my faith that being intellectual doesn't have to mean being dull." - Sandra Kenney, Embassy Suite Hotels